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This is a online IRC, RPG game set on the smugglers moon Nar Shaddaa, at the heart of Hutt Space. Game Channel is #StarWars_Outlaws on Contact us at THIS IS A R18+ GAME
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 Combat Summery Charts

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PostSubject: Combat Summery Charts   Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:54 pm

Action ActionCostNotes (*means trained only!)
Activate an item swiftlight a lantern, ignite lightsaber
Aid another standardattack vs Ref 10 to add +2 to ally’s next attack vs that target
Aim2 swiftignore target’s cover bonus to Ref on next attack; cannot use with area attack
Anticipate enemy strategymoveKnowledge (Tactics)* vs Will anticipate target’s next move
Attackstandardsee Area Attack rules for area attacks
Attack an objectstandard held/carried/worn=Ref 10 + size mod + Ref of holder (not counting armor bonus)
Attack of opportunityfreeuse with melee weapons or weapons with folded stock; cannot use if flat-footed
Balancehalf speedmove at half speed over narrow surface, Acrobatics DC 10-25
Brace2 swiftbrace autofire-only weapon to take –2 attack penalty instead of –5
Breath Control, Use the Force*DC15 hold your breath for [2xCON score] rounds before Endurance check
Change attitudefull-roundPersuasion –10 vs Will to improve hostile target’s attitude
Chargestandardmove your speed (minimum 2sq) in straight line and gain +2 attack, –2 Ref
ClimbmoveClimb DC0-25 at ¼ speed; climb at ½ speed as full-round; DC+5 to double move
Coup de gracefull-roundkills adjacent unconscious opponent
Create a diversion to hidestandardDeception vs Will to attempt Stealth check, must reach hiding place in a move action
Cross difficult terrain1sq = 2sqAcrobatics* DC15 to move at normal speed
Delaynoneact on a later Initiative count; this reduced initiative is your new count
Disarmstandard–10 melee attack (–15 if 2-h); failure provokes attack; Acrobatics* DC20 to catch weapon
Draw or holster weaponmovedraw & activate weapon if proficent; draw concealed weapon as standard action
Drop an itemswift drop an item into your fighting space or adjacent square
Escape from grapplestandardAcrobatics vs Grapple; Acrobatics* vs Grapple10 to escape as move action
Escape netfull-roundAcrobatics DC15; Acrobatics* DC25 to escape as standard action
Extend or fold stockmovestock folded = treat as pistol for proficiency & range; stock extended = treat as rifle
Fall proneswiftAcrobatics* DC15 to fall prone as free action; attacks vs prone: melee +5, ranged –5
FeintstandardDeception vs Initiative to make target flat-footed vs next attack
Fight defensivelystandard–5 attacks for +2 or +5 dodge to Ref; no attacks for +5 or +10 dodge to Ref
First aidfull-roundTreat Injury DC15 (requires medpac) to heal hp=target level +1 over DC
Full attackfull-roundmake more than 1 attack; penalties stack and last until beginning of your next turn
Grabstandard–5 unarmed attack to grab max one size larger than self; break grab is standard
Grapplestandardunarmed attack (no damage) to grab; then make opposed grapple checks
Group feintfull-roundDeception vs Will, opponents within 6sq; –5 penalty for each target after the first
Jury-rigfull-roundMechanics* DC25; move disabled mechanical/electronic device +2 CT & 1d8 hp
Manipulate an itemmovepick up an item; to retrieve a stored item from a closed container is 2 move actions
Move light objectmove/standardUse the Force* DC10 to move 5kg object 6sq; DC15 standard to make ranged attack, 1d6 dmg
Move your speedmoveyou can move through allies, enemies unconscious or 3x your size difference
Nimble chargeAcrobatics* DC25 to charge thru low objects half speed; DC35 difficult terrain normal speed
Notice targetsreaction/standardPerception vs Stealth to look for hidden enemies; swift action to retry failed check
Ready an actionstandardtake readied action (move/standard/swift) as a reaction to circumstances you specified
Recharge shields3 swiftMechanics* DC20 to restore 5 SR; 3 swifts can be spent across consecutive rounds
Recover3 swiftmove +1 CT (3 swift actions can be spread across consecutive rounds)
Regulate power3 swiftMechanics* DC20 to move vehicle +1 CT
Reloadmoveprovokes an AoO
Revivefull-roundTreat Injury* DC25 (requires medkit) to revive within 1 round of its death
Runfull-round move4x speed in straight line (3x if wearing heavy armor or carrying heavy load)
Second windswiftif reduced to ½ your max hp or less, heal ¼ your max hp or CON score once per day
Sense surroundingsswiftUse the Force DC15 ignore cover & concealment to make Perception checks; DC20 total cover
Snipestandard+ move make ranged attack, then hide again (with –10 Stealth check penalty) to stay hidden
Stand up from pronemoveAcrobatics* DC15 to stand up from prone as swift action
Switch weapon modeswiftswitch to stun or autofire
Tumblepart of moveAcrobatics* DC15 without provoking AoO; 1sq tumble = 2sq of movement
Withdrawmovewithdraw at half your speed, treating first square as a non-threatened
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Combat Summery Charts
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