Star Wars Outlaws

This is a online IRC, RPG game set on the smugglers moon Nar Shaddaa, at the heart of Hutt Space. Game Channel is #StarWars_Outlaws on Contact us at THIS IS A R18+ GAME
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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:23 pm

These are the house rules for Star Wars: Outlaws. It is mandatory to read before Character creation!

This is a 18+ game. We will not accept any players below this age.

*Rule No. 1: ST have the final call, it is our job to make sure things remain balanced, fair and realistic.

*We use the following *Register an account, then go to sheets. Create an sheet then choose the Star Wars Saga template. When you are ready email the URL and the Biography to

*Alien Races are welcome within reason. ST's have the final approval on them for balance of play.

*All Player Characters start the game off at Level 3

*All Player Characters start the game with 5000 Credits to by gear with.

*Some weapons and gear will need ST approval.. just ask, you never know.

*No Character will be approved below legal age. No Child Characters. 17 years old will be pushing it for us, for personal and legal reasons. STs reserve the right to say no to a character concept that we feel wont fit this game.

*This is a hobby for everyone, so no Trolling and be respectful of everyone. Don't forget to have fun.
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House Rules
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